Become a member of the SimpatiClub by Donating or Volunteering

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What is the point of supporting small theatre?

At Simpatico it’s all about encouraging artistic risk and growth, both of which are a necessity in a thriving artistic community. We have big plans for the next chapter of Simpatico and we want you to be part of the adventure.


Simpatico is a small but mighty force in the Philly theatre community. We are respected among our artistic peers and attract some of the most exciting theatre makers in the Philadelphia area. We are an innovative company committed to hiring new directors, actors, designers, and we provide a platform that inspires established artists to push themselves to try something new which is vital to the fabric of our Philadelphia theater community. We are strengthening the artistic foundation and encouraging young artists to stay in the city.


We are taking our commitment to community to a new level by investing in a multi-year plan to implement a Rotating Artistic Director (RAD) structure for Simpatico. RAD will create space for new voices to take on leadership roles while benefiting from the support and knowledge of an established company framework. We must expand our definition of community, the future is RAD.


Pay What You Decide ticketing ensures that our work is accessible and it invites new audiences to try something new. Our 14th Season welcomed more new audience members through our door than ever before. Our mission is clear: a grassroots dedication to bridging communities fuels our work, reveals avenues of advocacy for our audiences, and leads to transformative collaborations in our city.


Simpatico is committed to creating inclusive spaces where the seeds of new stories can grow. Theatre connects us, entertains us, and challenges us. We go to the theatre to discover something new about ourselves and the world around us. Without you, our audiences, our donors: there is no us.

We invite you to join us on this journey to bring more artists, audiences, and agents for change into the SimpatiCommunity. Your donation today makes you an automatic member of our SimpatiClub. You will receive access to special events happening throughout our 15th Season and exclusive behind the scenes looks at what makes Simpatico work, including the first look at our season announcement for 2019/2020.

Your donation helps us achieve our goal to raise $15,000 for our 15th Season, and activates the first stage of planning for RAD - none of which happens without you.

  • A donation of $15 provides us one hour of space rental.

  • A donation of $150 covers printing costs for new scripts and new play development.

  • At $1500 you sponsor one of our production designer salaries.

If you are not able to contribute financially to the growth of Simpatico but want to show your support in other ways, fill out this online form and help us reach our goals and become a member of the SimpatiClub by volunteering your time.

Your support allows us to not only survive, but to truly thrive. When the arts thrive the community thrives. Thank you for being part of our ever growing community. We can’t wait to share our plans for our 19/20 season with you in the coming weeks.

Let’s build a better community together.

Allison Heishman, Artistic Director