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by Taylor Mac

Directed by Jarrod Markman

Philadelphia Premiere

Annihilating the past won’t always free you from it. Somewhere in the tangles of the suburbs, Paige is designing a brave, new path for her children – Isaac, dishonorably discharged from active duty in the Middle East, and Max, caught in the throes of transitioning gender. Freshly liberated by her abusive husband’s debilitating stroke, Paige has waged a cis-revolt in support of Max’s journey, and is now armed to dismantle the patriarchy! In this absurd kitchen-sink comedy, Taylor Mac explores the struggle to recognize change and deal with its messy repercussions.


Previews – Wed May 31Thurs June 1, and Fri June 2 at 8pm

Opening – Saturday, June 3 at 8pm

Closing – Sunday, June 25


Louis Bluver Theatre at the Drake